Monday, January 7, 2013

I don't do anything right!

And somehow I'm ok with that.

I don't wear only skirts. I haven't gotten rid of my TV  I don't cover my hair. I read vampire novels (not Twilight lol!). I read Harry Potter. I even wear my husband's clothes when I want to feel extra comfy or I am sick and miss him because he is at work. I don't bake my own bread. We have fast food way to often. I watch tons of tv. Everything from Law and Order SVU to Dirty Jobs. My crusade isn't abortion (not that there is anything wrong with that!) it's children. Living, breathing, thinking, feeling children. I give money to Save the Children. I want to sponsor dozens. If my state would let me, I would foster and adopt and LOVE dozens and dozens of children. They are my passion and have my heart.

I don't follow the 'norm' from the other blogs I follow. I'm messy and loud and my house is still trashed from Christmas. I'm not demure and ultra feminine. I love my jeans and sweatshirts. I'm a nag (I've covered this in other posts). I will never measure up to the women whose blogs I read. They have it together in a way I can only struggle with.

But, I have my strengths too. I am a good writer. I am a super fast reader (except the Bible, Shakespeare, and Edgar Allen Poe. I struggle mightily with these lol). I am a super crafty person. I am loyal and loving and a good wife and mother. I am the friend you call at 2 am when you have crashed your car and need a ride home from the hospital because I will be there. I don't cook well but I can make a mean dessert (just don't ask me to decorate it!). I want to learn and learn and learn. I watch documentaries on Netflix constantly, I read random articles on Wikipedia, and I read books about almost any subject. Music moves me in so many ways. I have music playing constantly every day. Everything from 40's to 90's alternative to today's pop music. I haven't put myself in a musical box in a very long time. My playlists will have Billie Holiday and One Direction on the same list lol.

I may not have it all together like the Proverbs woman. I may not be modest or feminine enough. But I've come to the realization that I have to stop comparing myself to other women, and other Christians. God has a plan for me. Just for me. I don't need to be a carbon copy of anyone else. I don't know what that plan is but it will come.

If watching or reading TV shows that other Christians don't read or watch, makes me less in their eyes, it's their problem. Not mine. God will work with me. God will prune away the branches of my life that he doesn't  want. It's not up to anyone else to tell me what I should or shouldn't be doing. I can gain thoughts and ideas and wisdom from other Christians, people, and blogs but I don't have to be them. I shouldn't be them.

This year is going to be about submitting to Christ and my husband and finding myself as a Christian.

I'm just Jennifer and somehow I'm really ok with that!

Growing Home


  1. Oh wonderful sweet lady! I am right there with you!!

    I don't cover or where only dresses (I don't believe their arguments). You mentioned your husbands since I became a mother almost 8 years ago (and gained weight) I have been wearing my husband's old work t-shirts every day because right now we don't have the money to buy more. And when I do have the chance for more, the clothes never fit as comfortably as his shirts. My daily "attire" is pajama pant bottoms and his t-shirts!

    I strive to keep my home clean but I don't really enjoy cleaning it. Maybe if I'm left alone and can listen to music I like.

    As for music...I'm right there with ya too. I have a blog post in the making about that.

    Thank you so much for commenting on my blog. And I still go back and forth with "last year."

    We just have to tell ourselves that we may not be where we want to be but at least we are not where we used to be!

    As for that blog...I'll give you a hint (I'm curious if we are talking about the same one) are the initials...AWWBHH

  2. It's too bad we don't know each other in 'real' life lol. I think we would be great friends :) We seem to have so much in common!

    Lol we ARE talking about the same blog! I used to get so much from her posts but now I don't even click on her blog any more! I don't want to buy stuff. I don't have the money to buy stuff.

  3. Ah ... I love this blog. Great!