Sunday, March 18, 2012

A relationship with God

I got a couple sweet comments the other day on another post about my struggle with my faith. As I was responding to one of the comments I started realizing that I don't have a relationship with God.

I don't spend anytime talking with Him or reading His word. I don't lay my cares at His feet. I think that just like any other relationship in life the more you put into your relationship with God the closer to Him you will feel. Just like any other relationship, if you don't put anything into it, it can get stagnant. I must admit that it blew me away a little bit when I thought of it like that. I have never thought that having a relationship with God was something that needed to be nurtured.

But it makes perfect sense. Especially in the world we live in. There are so many things that can suck away time before you know it. There are so many things that, quite frankly, are more fun than reading the book of Exodus (that's where I am right now in my one year bible plan and I'm having a hard time with that book!). Also, I don't know if anyone else has this problem but I have a tendency to read blogs from other Christians and tell myself that that is good enough scripture reading for the day. I try to tell myself that there is a message there. Most of the posts include some kind of scripture. Sounds so pathetic when I write it out and can't justify it in my head.

So my plan to renew my relationship with God is,
1) Read the Bible a little every day
2) Pray everyday and try to spend some time praying with my husband.
3) Work on quieting myself so I can hear God better.

That's all I've got so far. Seems like a great start to me. Now I just need to do it. Any thoughts out there on something more I need to be doing? Is there anything you ladies do that really works for you? Advice or suggestions? I'm open to all :)

I hope that everyone has a fantastic Sunday!



  1. It sounds like a wonderful start!

    Let me admit to you that I get busy and distracted too. I don't spend time with God every day. I do lay my cares at His feet (when I realize I have them), but I am not constant in all I do to nurture my relationship with Him. I feel the same void you describe when I don't do what I should.

    Just so you know, you ARE encouraging me as I watch you learn and grow. Keep on keepin' on. :)

  2. Isn't it so easy to be distracted away from God? But the first step to changing something is realizing that you do it :)

    I'm so glad that I am encouraging you! Let me say that you are encouraging me too. I love that you are commenting on my stuff! It makes it so much more fun to feel like you are 'talking' to someone instead of just writing to write.

    I'll be heading over to your blog to check it out tonight when I have more time :)