Monday, August 15, 2011

My baptism

Yesterday my boys and I were baptised after church. I think that my thoughts on baptism for my boys and me are vastly different. For my boys, I felt like this baptism was their first step on their path towards Christ. It was a public way for my husband and I to declare our intentions to raise our boys in the Lord. I wasn't sure if we should get them baptised or wait until they were older but then I realized that I always felt I was missing something by not being baptised as a child. I didn't want them to feel that and I want them to be able to have a solid biblical foundation and this is one of the blocks of that foundation for me.

Now for me, because I am an adult, I felt like my baptism was literally washing away my old life and making me new in Christ. I feel like I had gone as far in my walk as I could go without this step. Now I feel like the doors have been flung wide open and God is going to move in my life. I feel like now I can be molded into the woman I see inside.

I asked our pastor to include 2 Corinthians 5:17 in my baptism. Everything I felt about it is summed up in that one scripture verse. It's really an exciting feeling to know that you are obedient to God and he will use your obedience for His will. I know that His molding of me will not always be what I want or always be easy but I'm ready! Your will be done in my life Lord!

I wanted to include a few pictures of my boys and I. The first one also has our pastor. Pastor Paige is awesome. She has such a heart for God and she is so enthusiastic! I'm so glad that she was the one to baptize us :)

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