Thursday, May 26, 2011

I admit it, sometimes I get so angry!

Tolerance is the big buzzword these days. Everyone is supposed to be tolerant of everything. Debauchery? Go for it! Adultery? Sure you deserve to be happy! Abandoning your children for a job? Why not! You deserve to be able to find yourself without being shackled to children who will take all of your time! Abortion? That's a-ok. It's your body your choice. Standing up against sin? Sur.... wait what? Dressing modestly? Hey wait a minute.... Proclaiming God to be true? No no no! We can't have that! Proclaim that you want to be a keeper of the home and take care of your husband and children? Never! You can't to that. You will personally set women back and we've all worked so hard to get here. Strive to be chaste and pure and holy? What a freak!

I saw a double standard like this play out today between pagans and Christians. The pagans were upset because the Christian said something about their religion being against God. So they came and attacked in force and accused the Christian of name calling, and being closed minded. Then the insults came flying. Everything they they were saying that the Christian was doing they were doing themselves. But it was ok because Christians are just closed-minded judgemental fools anyway. They also said that they knew the Bible better than Christians. That may be true in some cases. Heck, that may be true in most cases. But I thought sweeping generalizations were no-no's in the spirit of harmony and tolerance.

I've seen this played out multiple times over the internet. Be tolerant, be open-minded, no sweeping generalizations... except when it comes to Christians. Then we can just call them names, disregard how they feel, and tell them they don't matter.

It's really quite sad. I don't know if it's because some of the truths that are said hit to close to home or if they have had run in's with people who claim to be Christian and are just nasty to the bone and now they tar all Christians with the same brush. I don't know. What I do know is that sometimes I just get so fed up with it all.

I know that I am not persecuted like the Christians in other countries and I'm SO grateful for that. I don't have to hide my faith for fear of being killed. But I do get frustrated that open dialogue seems to shut down when a Christian starts talking. Then it's ok to mock their religion, bash them up one side and down the other, and disregard anything they say. But if they Christian does it back, oh watch out! Then come the statements like, 'I thought God said not to judge', and 'Your god commands you to love not yell like this!'. It can get infuriating!

The first few years of my return to Christian life I tried to live and speak in such a way that no one would ever get offended and everyone would love me. Now, I've realized that I can't live that way. I have to live my life for Christ. He loves people, yes. But he also rebukes people that are living in sin. I will not sit idly by anymore and keep silent. I've realized that by doing so I can hurt people even more. A couple years ago I heard this quote from Penn of Penn and Teller (he's an atheist by the way) and he said that he didn't understand religion but if you believed in Christianity and that people would go to hell if they didn't accept Christ, how much would you have to hate someone to not share Christ with them. That has stuck with me since I heard it. It has a lot of truth to it. If we are talking about eternity here, what's a little frustration or nervousness from sharing Christ with people?

And on that note, have a great night! :)


  1. Dear Pandora,

    Please let me say tat, unfortunately, this issue became bigger than it should, on both sides. While some pagans like me were polite when defending our faith, others were aggressive and disrespectful. And also, some Christian friends I have were polite and mature on their arguments to defnd their faith, while others were aggressive as well. What happens is that religious diversity exists, and can't be denied. There are Christians, Mormons, Jews, Muslins, Pagans, Buddhists, Hindus, Confucians, Taoists, Protestants, etc. In all of them you'll find good and bad people. There are good pagans, there are bad pagans. There are good Christians, there are bad Christians. The most important thing, for me, is to keep the respect all the good people deserve, no matter the faith. If you walk with joy and veneration your path, I'm happy for you. I do walk my path the very same way.

    Wishing you a lovely week.

    Nydia - a Brazilian witch mom.

  2. Hi Nydia, thanks for taking the time to comment on my blog :) This post was written in hurt and frustration. The next day I actually wrote another post about this from the point of view that I need to be more like Christ and extend grace. I wish I could have calmed down before writing this post. This is not the side of myself that I really wish to show. I'm trying to be more level headed, but it's a struggle :)

    You are absolutely right that this situation went out of control on both sides. I honestly hate that it turned out the way it did. What a great opportunity we all had to converse together that we just wasted :(

    I'm so glad that you stopped by and I hope that you have a lovely week too!