Saturday, March 12, 2011

"Regret Free Parenting" by Catherine Hickem

What a blessing this book is. No condemnation, no judging, just straightforward, godly advice.

I wasn't sure what to expect from this book when I requested it. I figured it could just be the same old stuff that is written in a million other self-help parenting books, or it could be a different kind of book that actually had relevent stuff to say.

I'm happy to say that for me, this book was the latter. Catherine really knows her stuff and laid it out in such a way that was easy to follow along with. We all want to be better parents to our children but I know that for me and some of my friends, it's not that easy to change when you dont' know HOW to change or what is the best course of action to take.

The basic concept that runs through the whole book is how to be an intentional mother rather than a passive one. Knowing your children, knowing yourself, and knowing that you dont' have to parent alone. God is always there with you.

At the end of every chapter in the book there are Faith Points, which are scripture verses that go along with the main points in the chapter. There are also questions to answer. I highly recommend that if you read this book you take the time to answer the questions too. The are very insightful and relevant.

There is also a Regret-Free Parenting Plan at the end of the book. It's a four week plan that you can use to change one aspect of your parenting. I haven't done that yet but it's nice that it breaks thing down for you and makes it easier to change something that might be really impeading a fuller relationship with your children.

At the very end of the book there are lists of websites, books, and movies that the author feels go along with the priciples of her book. I thought this was very helpful and will be checking out these additional resources.

Bottom line is that I highly recommend this book. In fact I was recommending it before I finished reading it. My best friend is going to borrow this book now that I've finished my review.

I got this book from Thomas Nelson publishers through their program. I got this book for free in exchange for my review. I was not paid to give a positive review and all thoughts contained in the review are my own.


  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to read and review "Regret Free Parenting". I'm humbled that it spoke to you and I hope it will continue to speak to your family as you continue your parenting journey. Looking forward to helping you to help raise your kids!

  2. Thanks so much for commenting on my review Catherine :) What a nice little thrill for the day to know that the author of the book I reviewed decided to read my review :)