Thursday, January 27, 2011

Where do you want to lead me Lord?

I know that God is leading me places lately. But, as usual, I tend to overthink things. Once I have a clear path in front of me I muck it all up and then don't know where to turn. I get to the point where I'm not sure if the idea comes from God or just from me.

There's one issue that won't leave my heart and that's head covering. I really feel that God wants me to cover my head. But I'm resisting so much. I have low self-esteem and I've always been sensitive to the comments of other people. It's something I'm working on but the issue of covering my head brings me some anxiety. It's because around my area the only women that cover their heads are women that are battling cancer. I'm going to bring this more to prayer it's just something I wanted to talk about a little bit.

On another note, I hurt my knee somehow. It turned out to be a big blessing for me. I've had time to finish the baby blanket I was making for my nephew. I also have a whole day today to play with my children, get caught up on all my reading and just rest. I don't really ever take time to rest because I'm too worried about the house. But since I really hurt whenever I walk it's a good time to take some time for me. Everyone needs a day to recharge every now and then :)

Oh, and a big thank you to everyone who reads my blog and to my follower! You have no idea how excited I was today to log on and see I had comments and a follower :)


  1. I would like to know why you are sensing that God is wanting you to cover your head. I had always felt like God was telling me not to cover my head. Now I believe there is a better interpretation than what we have been taught about Pauls's comments to the Corinthians about head covering. Read the passage again and see if this might make sense. Reading the interlinears and helped me see a more original rendering. Ok, here goes... I think Paul is telling the Corinthians that their argument for a covering fails when they really think about it.. if man isn't supposed to cover his head because he is the glory of Christ.. what sense does it make to cover a woman's head if she is the glory of man. i.e. if man covered brings dishonor to Christ wouldn't it stand to reason a woman covered would bring dishonor to man? Paul further says man from woman women from man..all from Christ... therefore woman ought to have power on her head. I had an AHA moment when I read that and I think it is her own power over her own head. So, maybe that is what God is trying to tell you.. to cover your own head, not as a sign that there is some earthly authority over you but spiritually cover your own head with the authority of Christ alone, no mediator between God and man but Christ alone is your authority.

  2. I don't really know yet. It's a feeling of a gentle pushing on my heart that I've felt for almost a year now.

    I've been ignoring it for the most part up until now. I've started to research about it and pray about it. But I've come to no conclusions yet. Everyone seems to have a different interpretation as to what that passage means. I think that I will just continue to pray about it.