Friday, January 28, 2011

My silly boys :)

My older son Daemon has been getting into the habit of turning on the charm when I tell him to do something he doesn't want to do. If I tell him to go clean his room I must get 50 hugs an hour until it's clean. I know it's just to get out of cleaning for a moment but how can I turn down hugs from my big guy? I know that's all it is because the second he's done cleaning and back to playing he doesn't know I exist lol. Sometimes a mom had got to get her cuddles no matter where she finds them :)

My little guy Tristan is slowing catching up on the walking. We've been working with him as much as he can stand. He's 15, almost 16 months and wasn't walking. But now he can walk, turn, and get himself into a standing position. He seems to still prefer crawling because he can go much faster but he's coming along. He's also learning words! He can point to his eye (more like his temple but who cares!) and say eye! Also can point to his ear and say ear! It's really exciting to see him get these concepts down. He's been goofy, and silly, and giggly these last few days and it's fun to see.

My boys really know how to warm my heart lately. They've been playing so nice together. I'm loving it while it lasts :)

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