Friday, May 21, 2010

Today is my mommy's birthday!

I love this picture of my mom (even though I'm pretty sure that she hates it). It embodies my mom for me. She never comes as alive as when she has a baby in her arms. Even when she isn't looking at the camera or making a funny face, you can she she loves holding the baby. The little guy in her arms in my younger son Tristan.

I always thought she would make a great pediatric nurse but she never had the chance to pursue it. She has had some bumpy times in her life. She became a widow at age 39 when my father died. She has a special needs son and a daughter who was very angry for a lot of years. Even through all that her faith in God shone through. She never lost it and in all her trials in life her faith only became stronger.

I love my mom and I look up to her and today on her birthday I wanted the world to know about the wonderful woman who is my mother.

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