Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh boy it's one of those days!

So after I got spoiled from my wonderful husband yesterday for Mother's Day, reality decided to smack me in the face today to make up for it. I fell asleep early last night and I woke up to a trashed house.

My older son has decided the last few days that he doesn't have to listen to mommy. He is slowly losing toys as a consequence (yay! Less toys to clean lol), however, he doesn't seem to care too much. I keep trying to take toys that I know he loves and then he just looks at me and says, "well I didn't want that toy anyway". This child is too much like someone I know. Oh yeah, that's right, ME! *Sigh* My mother's curse has come true. I have a child just like me.

Then I decided to finally use those space saving bags that I bought a month ago. You know, the ones that you suck all the air out of. These things are so cool. I could be happy just opening them and sucking the air out all day. It's the little things you know :) But I overstuffed the first bag and it ripped on me. These things are not cheap and I felt horrible. But like my husband said, "you live and learn".

On the up side I am wearing my new cute apron. It makes me feel like more of a homemaker. Three years ago I would have laughed at anyone who said that I would be at this point in my life. Space saver bags and aprons bring me joy :)

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