Saturday, May 8, 2010

I am a surrendered wife and a homemaker

This was not a step that I took lightly. The past few years I have felt that God was calling me to do it but I rebelled. "I can't possibly do that. Surrendered/submissive wives are doormats". In my journey I have learned that a surrendered wife is the opposite of a doormat.

I have also learned that my heart is in my home. Hence the new name of my blog. I am happier, more peaceful, and loving the fact that I get to stay home and take care of my family.

These were not decisions that I made lightly or easily. Like many other women my age I was told that I can 'have it all'. But how can I have it all if I'm never here for my children or husband? How can I have it all when I don't want to come home from work because my house is the opposite of inviting because no one has had any time to clean?

I am grateful to feminism for the fact that my voice is heard in government. I am also grateful that if I am being abused I have avenues to go to for help. Feminism has done some wonderful things to ensure the rights of women.

However, I think modern feminism has gone too far. Men and women are not made the same. There are some things that can never be equal between men and women. It's not wrong, it's not bad, it's just the way it is. We have differnt parts, different hormones. So what makes people think that we are made the exact same way?

Another thing wrong with the big picture is, I know that I will have to keep defending my choices to friends, family, hell even strangers if they get wind of what I do. Feminism was about choice. So why is the choice to be at home with my family the only choice that is not worth anything?

Why am I considered a worthless person because I stay home? My son's get the benefit of having mom around all the time. My husband gets the benefit of having a clean, inviting house, clean laundry, and a peaceful wife to come home to. I might not being in a paycheck but we sure have more money with me staying home than if I was working. There are no daycare costs, no big gas costs from driving to work everyday. I actually have time to look for deals, make food from scratch, and clip coupons. So in that way I save money too.

My huband gave me the best compliment the other day. One that I feel sums up my role as a homemaker. He told me that I was the sun everyone in the house revolved around. That makes me think that I DO have it all.

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