Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Feel like I'm really struggling about some things...

I know what the right path is for me. Being a homemaker is the most rewarding thing I have done in my life. So why do I let the words of strangers affect me?

I see a lot about how homemakers and stay at home moms are drains and leeches on their husbands and society in general. When did raising your OWN children become something to be ashamed of? I may understand a lot and have learned a lot in my 30 years but this is something that I will never understand.

How did we as a society get so far away from family that a woman raising her own children is looked down upon? Why are companies that manufacture board games rmeninding families that they should spend time together?

I look around the world that I am in and I am utterly bewildered. There is so much abuse, moral decay, and utter disregard for fellow humans that I'm glad that I am making my home a safe haven for all my guys.

My husband is out there all day dealing with rude customers, lazy employees, and a hyper-sensitive boss. Since I have made changes in myself, home is where he longs to be. It's restful and rejuvinating for him here. Isn't that what home should be?

I don't know why strangers words pierce my heart. I know what to do to make my family thrive. I'm not perfect at this homemaking gig but I'm learning and I'll keep learning for as long as I have the chance.

Everybody has something they are passionate about and I think this is mine. My family means the world to me, why would I ignore their needs because society at large says I need to get a job? I am more of a complete woman now that I finally picked one path and stopped with the selfish mantra that I can have it all.

No one person can have it all. Everything ebbs and flows. For every minute you put into one thing, that's a minute you can't put into something else. If you are gardening, you can't be washing the car at the exact same time (well unless you are lucky enough to have ten arms lol). If you are working, you can't be with your family. Nobody can have it all and I am glad that I got tired of sacrificing my family for a dead end job.

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