Friday, March 5, 2010

Kind of overwhelming

So I decided to homeschool Daemon until this fall when we are going to enroll him in preschool. There's so much that I want him to learn that I figured a structured school like setting would be the best. I am scheduling out my day to the minute it seems like so I can get in two hours of 'school' and still have time for Tristan and cleaning.

My problem, like always is I do too much and need it to be perfect. I'm not teaching a class of children just my son and I'm planning like I am. I think that is why it's so overwhelming. This should be FUN too otherwise I will turn him off of learning.

So far I have it mapped out that we are going to do 'school' two hours a day Monday through Friday. Monday will be social studies and honestly there is SO much I could do for that. Tuesday is math/telling time/days of the week. Wednesday is science/nature. Thursday is language arts/reading/shapes, colors etc and Friday is art/music. Obviously these are just guidelines for me and there's stuff we are going to be doing that might not quite fit with the theme of the day but that's ok.

The problem I see is I'm not quite sure how to make my schedule so it's the most effective. I need to do two loads of laundry, deep clean one room, straighten and vacuum the rest of the rooms, and make sure my baby is fed and played with during the day too. So I'm working on it slowly just trying to get everything figured out.

I think that if I just do what I have set for myself everyday and don't try to do more that everything will be fine.

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